The coronavirus has covered up Italy’s fashion industry and the long-term outlook is still good
During the outbreak of the coronavirus, business activity slowed in the economically active northern region of Italy, but its fashion industry was confident enough to withstand the volatility of the epidemic. Under current circumstances, 66000 Italian fashion houses have been slow to operate in the fall and winter 2020-2021 Collection – although the economic outlook for spring and summer remains uncertain. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, offices and production facilities across the country have been shut down, which is expected to seriously drag down Italy’s economic growth. Last month, Italian epidemics mushroomed, and Milan fashion week was held twice a year to promote fashion houses. Many events are broadcast live online to prevent visitors from gathering. “In the short term, the concern of the Italian fashion industry is design and production,” Nicola guerini, managing director of Milan Fashion Academy, told Xinhua “But in the medium term, we are worried about demand,” he added. We expect demand to decline in China, which accounts for about 40% of fashion sales. ” Guirini said the expected economic slowdown in Italy and other key markets would cost people. “I don’t think Italian fashion houses will be a lost year, as some analysts say,” he said “But I do think it will be the most challenging year we have seen in years.” Guirini called on the government to provide assistance to fashion companies, which have revenues of nearly 96 billion euros ($108 billion) and employ 600000 workers. “Clothing and fashion are the main sectors of Italy’s economy, and if it helps, it will do better,” he said Vincenzo trione, the founder of the fashion and creative industries course at iulm University in Milan, is the dean of the school of art, tourism and marketing. He said that Italy’s fashion industry is strong enough to resist what he called “tsunami” caused by the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy and other places. “We still don’t understand the full impact of the coronavirus outbreak, but we know it’s not easy for the fashion world or any other sector,” trione said “We also know that the fashion industry is resilient and offers everything from luxury goods to clothing that people use every day. There will be adjustments and businesses will benefit. In the long run, the fashion industry will be very good. ” He said.

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