Mom Jeans and Boot cut pants these pants you must buy in 2021

mom jeans and boot cut pants

mom jeans and boot cut pants

Loose trousers can undoubtedly modify our leg defects. “Daddy jeans” are generally designed with a high waist, and paired with loose trouser legs, the small waist and long legs are immediately ready to appear.

Daddy jeans come in a retro and fashionable style, and they are also very good for everyday use.

Mom Jeans

In addition to the old fashion trousers, there are also mother trousers. Mom Jeans was popular in the 90s of the last century, literally understood as mom’s jeans, its biggest feature is a high waist, loose.

These jeans are simply a boon to the fat world. The design of the inverted triangle and tapered trouser legs hides the flesh of the thigh very well. It is very versatile, regardless of age or season!

Don’t underestimate this pair of trousers. These trousers are very versatile. T-shirts, shirts, tight tops, and shoulders are all very OK!

Boot cut pants

When matching, you will also choose a look that makes you look taller and thinner. The bell-bottoms with a narrow top and a wide bottom also happen to satisfy women’s nature.

It can not only cover the flesh of the calf but also make the thigh look thinner in comparison.

Boot cut pants

Boot cut pants

So, do you want to let go of these pants? You know, this pair of pants is a sign of fashion. But if you have thick calves, thick thighs, and even wide hips, then you still need to say goodbye to flared pants silently!

Micro-pants + high heels are simply a weapon to lengthen your legs. People who are careful and fashionable can take advantage of this.

But it’s not very convenient! Washing pants is a bit troublesome, but it is also a good choice if you want to make it easy to point nine points~ The nine points design reveals the thin ankles of women, which is thin and a little sexy.

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