The textile industry is beginning to pick up!


The textile industry is beginning to pick up! The pending orders may be reversed in late March! The editor feels that after experiencing the madness of the first two months, the market has gradually returned to calm. The pending orders may usher in a more obvious feng shui ridge in late March. 1. The downstream […]

China’s Denim industry Development trend of technological innovation

Afterdecades of rapid development, the China’s denim industry has achieved gloriousachievements, and won an important place in the international market. Theexport of middle-end and high-end products of traditional denim garments mainlyfocuses on the markets of America, Europe, Japan and Korea. However, thesemarkets have gradually raised the requirements for environmental protection,functionality and fashion of the denim […]

2021 Daddy jeans. Wearing these jeans will make you super attractive.

The atmosphere of spring is getting stronger and stronger. Even if you can’t go shopping at work, the sisters who still want to go shopping raise their hands~ Today I want to talk to you about spring pants that you can wear right away! 2021 daddy jeans Denim has always been everyone’s favorite item. It […]

Mom Jeans and Boot cut pants these pants you must buy in 2021

Mom Jeans and Boot cut pants these pants you must buy in 2021 mom jeans and boot cut pants Loose trousers can undoubtedly modify our leg defects. “Daddy jeans” are generally designed with a high waist, and paired with loose trouser legs, the small waist and long legs are immediately ready to appear. Daddy jeans […]

Apparel Supply Jeans factory

In the past two years, the global economy has been sluggish, terminal sales have been sluggish, and the clothing industry’s inventory has continued to rise. In this context, apparel companies are looking for a way to out-discount sales, increased e-commerce channel launches, transfer to second and third-tier cities and other commercial methods are various. The […]