The atmosphere of spring is getting stronger and stronger. Even if you can’t go shopping at work, the sisters who still want to go shopping raise their hands~ Today I want to talk to you about spring pants that you can wear right away!

2021 daddy jeans

2021 daddy jeans

Denim has always been everyone’s favorite item. It is comfortable, durable, classic, and fashionable. It is an intriguing “single product king”!

Many girls feel that there is no femininity if they don’t wear skirts, and they are not sexy at all. In fact, sexiness is a feeling in the bones and a confident attitude. It’s not just to show the skin or to make the body curve particularly obvious to look good.

Pants are the strongest “killing weapon” that can be worn without a trace of sexy taste.

Compared to wearing skirts, trousers are much more convenient in daily life, so you don’t have to worry about running out or tidy up at any time.

The more important thing is the trousers, which can improve the aura and increase the high-level atmosphere.

The invention of jeans can be said to be great! Whatever you want to wear, it looks good and has a good temperament. So today, let the editor lead you into the world of “jeans”!

2021 Daddy jeans

If you have been paying attention to fashion trends, you will find that many fashion items are inspired by what your parents wear when they are young. For example, Dad Jeans (Dad Jeans) have regained popularity.

daddy jeans 2

daddy jeans 2

Dad Jeans have obvious masculine characteristics, weakened leg shape, rectangular cut, similar to what we often call “straight pants”, compared with wide-leg pants, bell-bottom pants, and other pants, it is more carefree.

The design does not emphasize waistline and self-cultivation so much, and mainly loose and light-colored washes. If you still can’t think of it, just look through the photos of your childhood with your father.

That’s right, it’s the kind of men’s jeans with no sense of fashion.

Daddy jeans are actually similar to Mom Jeans, they can be casual or formal.

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